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manifesto / english

manifesto / english

Sokak Edebiyatı, “Street Literature”, and İzmiryer6 distro, “izmir underground distro” started as a single handed project in mid 1996s, and it matured through side/sub projects, with all the support it has been receiving over 24 years. “İzmiryer6 Distro” is a “sub-cultural art collective” which is completing its 20th year, officially.

İzmiryer6 Distro includes every derivative of sub cultural elements. It advocates every underground anti-authority stream, which had become a component of consumption and therefore corrupted by capitalism, or which in essence came from same roots but separated by the life style after they take shape. Sokak Edebiyatı supports to produce, publish, and share art.

Sokak Edebiyatı is against the system, but it does not stand for revolution. It encourages individual rebellion and artistic expressions rather than revolution.

The only mission of İzmiryer6 Distro is to create a place to share, to publish, and to live. In other words, it tries to provide a place to live and to publish for those who have the same spirit, similar points of view and ways of artistic expression.

İzmiryer6 Distro consists of all the elements relating to sub cultural art. In order to allow these to be presented and published easily, it tries to establish an independent collective company, a publishing house, and a hangout, which would be similar to an info shop. This independent company will be using a model of independent punk record labels from the 70s. In the future, İzmiryer6 Distro will be working on publishing of music, film, and visual arts as much as possible. Another purpose of İzmiryer6 Distro is to share the information with the people who live in Türkiye through the translation of the sources into Turkish language. Various activities are being executed in order to publish a monthly magazine at this moment, and the magazine will be published once all the requirements are completed. After this, İzmiryer6 Distro will be trying to publish albums and books, to shoot short and long movies, and to organize art exhibitions, and concerts.

In addition, İzmiryer6 Distro wants to open a café/house type of an info shop in Izmir to allow people who have similar worldviews in terms of being “anti-authority”; to come together, communicate, and exchange information.

İzmiryer6 Distro will not rush these plans and projects to come into being. İzmiryer6 Distro is only tries to carry on its existence. These projects might happen or they might never come to existence, but İzmiryer6 Distro will be printing and publishing the fanzine no matter what happens. In short, İzmiryer6 Distro is satisfied with its current condition.

You can support "İzmiryer6 Distro" what we usually call "sub-cultural art collective" if you believe that you are as enthusiastic as we are. Our door is open to everybody, but open doors might close to your face if you do not respect our concept of life.

The word "literature", other than its literal meaning, also represents language, culture, ethics, and lifestyle.

İzmiryer6 Distro is an anti-authority, anti-capitalist, anti-militarist, anti-fascist organization. It is absolutely not commercial. Its primary purpose is to carry off money matters in order to pay off the expenses to publish artwork and to conceive the projects mentioned before. Lets put it this way, in order to cover the costs for print and distribution, we need to extract earning as much as we can from the previous month's fanzine. İzmiryer6 Distro published 60 issues up until now, financed by its own pocket . In future, İzmiryer6 Distro would share the earnings with those who published their work through fanzine, if possible. For now, it seems like we will continue paying money from our own pocket for a while.

- İzmiryer6 Distro does not support any party/establishment or hierarchical structure.

- İzmiryer6 Distro should not be confused with Beat Generation. Even though there are small similarities, İzmiryer6 Distro is never ever walking on the same path. Moreover, it encou-rages losing the path.

- İzmiryer6 Distro does not believe in change and preparing for an ideal future, and is not in preparation of that. It does not promise hope, it nestles rebellion. İzmiryer6 Distro is only interested in reality on earth in which it is believed everything is shitty and will be shittier.

- İzmiryer6 Distro is not a community, it actually denies community. İzmiryer6 Distro sup-ports the individual and individualism. Therefore, every individual who supports İzmiryer6 Distro can come in to conflict, every member can be involved in writing opposing ideas which can be published in the same publication. İzmiryer6 Distro believes in the beauty of diversity; without trying to impose ideas on each other, we can work this out all together instead of destroying different point of view. We continuously discuss our issues, and sometimes our opinions stand apart, but every one of us is aware of we are lonely, very lonely... İzmiryer6 Distro is not more than a madhouse for lonely and desolated people; a house for army of the insane. And instead of accepting treatment, it only tries to keep its insanity and abnormality level just right in a genuine manner.

- İzmiryer6 Distro acts based on the DIY movement. DIY means "do it yourself" as opposed to "non-profit" which has been confused by some super intelligent friends living in our country. We would like to remind to our ultra intelligent alien friends who ask "from where the fanzine idea popped out, what happened to DIY?", Crass is an independent record label that advocates the DIY movement. We hope our friends do not think that the band worked at different jobs with no gain and kept making music. We recommend, to those walking around with their ready-made outfits nowadays, to cut off bullshitting about DIY. We would like to remind that some people in 70s produced their own jewelry and accessories, sewed their own clothes, they produced everything by themselves as much as possible.

- Sokak Edebiyatı is inspired by Crass movement in the 1970s. In their autobiographies Crass says "There is no them and us, there is only you and me. ......... We need to find the 'self' that can truly be the authority that it is".
written by: Girdap Zack Unthatow
a.k.a Espiridion Del Pueblo
a.k.a esçûmênto donete sanchez

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